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Motion Identity Broadcast


3D Motion Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Identity, Broadcast Design.


Spain / Madrid


2019 / 2021



A corner that is inspired by the famous Viennese cafes, meeting places recognized as intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz, a career philosopher and professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Miguel de Cervantes European University, interviews public figures from a humanist and philosophical perspective.

It is a new product that combines the need to create spaces that promote dialogue, encounters, and critical thinking with a series of good opportunities for advertising on multiple platforms.


Proyect Research
Treatment Moodboards︎︎︎

lamps moodboard
chairs moodboard

Movie Theatres
3D Motion intros ︎︎︎

Movie Theatres
Poster Design︎︎︎


Spotify Home-page
look and feel ︎︎︎

Social Media
post design︎︎︎

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